Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Membership?
CGMA Membership for the first year is free.

Why should you sign up?
By becoming a member you will gain exclusive access to CGMA seminars, workshops and events, promotional opportunities, discounts on production and mastering services, access to a detailed Caribbean Gospel Events Database, and increased networking opportunities throughout the Caribbean.

How can this boost my presence as an artist?
The CGMA is your access key to connecting with writers, producers, promoters, radio dj’s, event planners, and industry executives to help develop and promote your brand across the region. You also get access to contacts and mailing lists to create brand awareness in the Caribbean.

What happens after I register?
Once you’re in the journey begins, you will be added to the official CGMA database and mailing list and will receive updates on events, mentorship opportunities, services, new music releases and more. You will receive regular updates on events and schedules in the different Caribbean countries.

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